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Therapy from Home? The Benefits of Online Therapy

Let’s be real, who enjoys going to the doctor’s office? The thought of sitting in the waiting room itself gives me anxiety, and don’t even get me started on the moment you finally get called back to the room of uncertainty…yikes! 

Though therapy is not quite like going for a yearly check-up, the experiences and feelings prior to sitting face to face with your therapist can be similar. Traditionally, therapy is done one-on-one in an office (just you and your stranger, yet not so stranger after a while, therapist). Therapy as of recently has started taking a new approach to making sure the needs of people are being met. From specialized groups, family sessions, and even integrative approaches such as art and music, the reach of the therapeutic experience is continually expanding. 

A newer approach that’s slowly gaining popularity is online therapy. This approach uses safe, HIPAA-compliant online platforms to meet with therapists from the comfort of your own home (Yes! You can do therapy at home!). These platforms allow therapists to quite literally meet you where you’re at! 

So who exactly is online therapy made for?

  • The “On the Go”

    • Therapy is available anytime, anywhere! Find a therapist that accommodates to your schedule whether that’s mornings, evenings or even weekends, there's a therapist available to see you when it’s most convenient. 

  • The “Homebody”

    • Gas isn’t cheap! Traveling to and from offices (in the summer heat, freezing cold, and/or pouring rain), sitting in traffic, the anxiety of potentially missing an appointment… Meeting your therapist online is just a click away. Find a quiet place that feels safe and just like that you’re in!

  • The “Planner”

    • Reaching a therapist couldn’t be any easier. Online therapists can typically be contacted through video, audio and/or text making scheduling and maintaining your appointments a breeze!

Any of these personalities sound familiar? 

Nothing in this day and age is traditional anymore, so why does bettering ourselves have to be? Take a look into a more approachable side of therapy and find a therapist just right for you!

Supervised by Shannon Lynch McFarlin, Ph.D., LPC-S, CSC 


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